Scooters Cafe & Pizzeria
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Open 7 days a week year round
Our dining room IS OPEN masks required!
Delivery & Takeout too

Pizzas, salads, subs, wraps, soups, spaghetti, fish & chips, fried chicken and so much more!
322 Culver Street - Right on your way into downtown Saugatuck
NEW Fall Hours
Open Fri & Sat
until 10:30 PM 
 Mon-Thu 12:00 to 9:30 pm      Fri-Sat  12:00 to 10:30 pm
    Sunday 12:00 to 8:00 pm




With $20 minimum purchase within Saugatuck, Douglas, and Saugatuck Twp

You can eat outside at our sidewalk cafe again and enjoy our beautiful river view

Our Sidewalk dining area is dog friendly. Enjoy a meal with your four-legged friends and family! 
Grab a drink from our full bar with friends. We have a great selection of craft beers, fine wines and cocktails featuring many local favorites like Bells, Saugatuck Brewing, Founders, New Holland Brewing, Fenn Valley Winery and Virtue Hard Apple Ciders. 
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at Scooters Cafe & Pizzeria, 322 Culver St. Saugatuck, MI
(What to know before you come and what to expect)

MASKS ARE REQUIRED to enter Scooters Cafe & Pizzeria for any reason at this time - to dine-in, to place an order, pick up a to-go order, or to use the restroom. Obviously, once inside and diners are seated at their table they may remove their masks for the duration of their meal, but masks MUST be worn anytime the diner gets up from the table and moves about the room, including to pay, to visit with another table, to use the restroom or to leave. This requirement is by order of the Governor and is NON-NEGOTIABLE and will be strictly enforced - NO EXCEPTIONS. If you arrive without a mask and need to place a pick-up order or pick up an order you will be asked to call us on the restaurant phone from OUTSIDE at (269) 857-1041 to place your order by phone and then when it is ready to pick up, you may call again and a staff member will come out with your order and take payment on the front patio area. No one may enter the dining room to eat or use the restroom without a mask - PERIOD. These are not our policies, they are a state mandate which we will obey to protect YOU, our other customers, our staff, and all our families back at home. PLEASE be understanding and make yourself aware of the state orders currently in place here in Michigan. While other establishments may pick and choose which orders and guidelines they follow, we will enforce ALL state executive orders and guidelines as issued until told we may do otherwise. There is no use in getting angry, frustrated, or rude about a staff member following the law, our policies, and doing what is required for us to stay open, keep YOU healthy, and for them to keep their jobs.

Also, I apologize, but there has been much confusion about our outside dining tables. Our VERY LIMITED outside tables on our sidewalk cafe are for waitress service only and are clearly marked with Scooters table service signs - they are NOT available to eat TAKEOUT orders or food from other restaurants. We are right across the street from Coughlin Park with a beautiful river view, a great lawn for picnics, benches, and picnic tables in a covered gazebo right on the water where you may enjoy takeout orders. For table service, Please WAIT TO BE SEATED by a staff member as tables that may appear to be bussed and available may not be properly sanitized yet. You risk your own health and your family's health by sitting at a dirty table that has not been properly sanitized. This takes TIME and does not happen instantaneously when the last diners get up. We are doing the best we can with limited staff and a VERY limited number of tables available for use. If there are no tables immediately available, if you would like to leave a name and number with the manager, we will be happy to call you when a table big enough for your party opens up. Due to STRICT social distancing and other factors, NO TABLES OR CHAIRS MAY BE MOVED without a manager's approval.

When approaching the restaurant on the sidewalk, PLEASE observe PROPER SOCIAL DISTANCING at the entrance and do NOT crowd around the entrance/exit especially if you have small children who can not be controlled from touching other guests and tables and chairs and/or if any of you are NOT wearing masks. Please have your party wait OUTSIDE our service area towards the parking lot, across the street in Coughlin Park, or in the car and have ONE (1) adult member approach the restaurant to ask questions, get copies of the menu to look at, place an order, or to ask for a table. The rest of your party should stay OUT of the service area and away from the door until your party has decided what they want to do and is called by our staff to be seated properly with their masks ON. Having twenty people all crowded around a doorway with NO MASKS, shoulder to shoulder, with young children touching both dirty tables and tables already sanitized for our next guests is DEFEATING THE ENTIRE PURPOSE of all these safety precautions. We BEG you for your help in understanding and following these policies even if you do not agree with them or feel they are required. We are following the laws and the best science available in a concerted effort to keep everyone healthy, happy, and well-fed. Believe me, when I tell you, NO business owner WANTS to keep you away from their business - certainly not us! It is our job to do everything in our power to entice you into our restaurant and now we must ask you to stay AWAY and only enter under very controlled conditions and precautions. These are strange and stressful times and we would very much appreciate your understanding, cooperation, patience, and good humor. A little of that helps all of this work a LOT better!!!

Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation,
Chris Wilson & Chuck Myers - Owners